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Permessa Email Control! ROI Calculator for IBM Lotus Domino

Quick ROI Calculator

Answer this quick, 5-question ROI tool and get some real numbers around the savings when IBM Lotus Domino is used with Permessa Email Control!.  The ROI tool is based on Permessa's 15 years of experience with Lotus Domino at leading enterprises and from Wintergreen Research, a leader in analysis and forecasting in advanced computer technology markets.

Complete the questions below and you will have your Quick Calculation instantly.  Check the box, and you will also be given the chance to customize a Detailed Calculation spreadsheet for your environment.


Please provide some information about yourself. The information will be displayed in your report and will help us to follow-up with you if you wish. Permessa respects your privacy.
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Please contact me to try out a more detailed ROI calculator.  

Your Environment:

Adjust the sliders or enter the appropriate numbers directly into the boxes. Use the advice below the questions to find the right settings.
1. Number of Active Email Senders Today:
2. Expected Growth of Email Senders Per Year:
3. Average Number of Emails Sent Per User/Day:
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4. Size Range of Typical Attachments:
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5. Average Storage Cost (GB/Month):
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