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Lotus Sametime Reporting with Permessa IM License Auditor

Download Permessa IM License Auditor


  • Free 45 day license.  Renew for free with unlimited 45-day renewals.*
  • Quickly and easily count IBM Lotus Sametime users.
  • Verify that you are paying only for the Lotus Sametime licenses you need.
  • Eliminate the time-consuming, expensive process of manually counting licenses for a true-up or license audit with Lotus Sametime reporting.
  • Guard against software license compliance audit true-up surprises that may cause unplanned license payments.
  • Enhance planning and provide better cost estimates for software migrations and upgrades.
  • Allocate the cost of expensive low use software with charge backs to the appropriate department.

Manage Software Costs and Be in Compliance With Your Software License

In a few quick steps, Permessa IM License Auditor produces fast, accurate counts of the Lotus Sametime users across an entire enterprise or for selected servers.  You'll know true accurate license counts for known users, active users and more.  The Lotus Sametime report also displays counts by client application and version number for detailed license tracking.  The result is that you can be ready for a license audit or true-up with three simple steps.  Reduce costs and improve planning with exact license statistics.  (Technical details.)

Producing an audit report requires three simple steps after installation:

  • Auto-Discovery: Finds your Lotus Sametime servers and users across the global enterprise or for selected servers.
  • Collect Data: Launches the IFM.EXE agent to collect the pertinent (STLOG.NSF) information into Permessa IM License Auditor.
  • Audit Results: In many cases, an entire week's worth of data will be collected, analyzed and reported in less than an hour.

With Permessa's free 45-day license with unlimited renewals*, your complete License Audit is free.  Use the report to submit information for license management.

 Your License Audit Is Free. Try It Now. 

Get further details or answer technical questions.

*Right now, Permessa is offering an unlimited number of free 45-day license renewals for Permessa IM License Auditor to qualified customers.  We do reserve the right to change our minds in the future.  While we have no plans to do so when this was written, we could charge for renewals some day.



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